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The Human-Machine Communication (HMC) Interest Group of the International Communication Association (ICA) supports and promotes scholarship regarding communication between people and technologies designed to enact the role of communicator, such as artificial intelligence (AI), robots, digital assistants, smart and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, cyborgs, and virtual and augmented realities.


HMC research focuses on the meaning-making that unfolds when people engage directly with technology as a communicative subject. HMC encompasses the aspects of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), Human-Agent Interaction (HAI), and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) pertaining to technologies that function as communicators. It also includes the philosophical and critical examination of these technologies and their integration into daily life.


HMC research focuses on how people make sense of machines as communicators; the implications of people’s interactions with communicative technology for individuals, organizations, and society. The HMC Interest Group is inclusive of the different theoretical and methodological approaches.



Inaugural Chair

Andrea L. Guzman
Assistant Professor of Communication
Northern Illinois University


Inaugural Vice-Chair

Chad Edwards
Professor of Communication
Western Michigan University


Inaugural Secretary

Steve Jones
Distinguished Professor of Communication
University of Illinois at Chicago


2020 ICA Conference

Submission begins on September 1, 2019

Submission due on November 1, 2019 at 16:00 UTC

HMC Call for Papers | ICA Call for Papers

Main conference

We accept submissions for papers, posters, and extended abstracts. There will be no panel submissions this year. We highly encourage people to submit to the main conference.


We are planning a preconference, and the CFP will be released at a later date with a submission deadline after that of the main conference.

Past Conferences

2019 ICA Pre-Conference, Communicating with Machines: Boundless Imagination, Washington, DC

2018 ICA Pre-Conference, Communicating with Machines: Theory and Practice, Prague, Czech Republic

2017 ICA Pre-Conference, Communicating with Machines: Interventions with Digital Agents, San Diego, California

2016 ICA Post-Conference, Communicating with Machines: The Rising Power of Digital Interlocutors in Our Lives, Fukuoka, Japan

2015 ICA BlueSky Workshop, Beyond Human: Developing Human-Machine Communication Research, San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Additional Resources

Resources not formally affiliated with this group or ICA but that may be of interest to HMC scholars.


Human-Machine Communication focuses on the theory and practice of communication with and about digital interlocutors. It is open access and publishes articles both online and in print.

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